Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 3 Sponsor/Judge Feature!

This week's featured sponsor is AsukaBook USA! AsukaBook is an international company located in Bend, Oregon. Their headquarters, Asukanet, started manufacturing coffee table books in Japan in 1995, and continues to print and bind books for clients worldwide. Asukanet (Japan) asked Kevin Kubota to be their USA representative in 2005 and thus AsukaBook USA launched in March of that year; and has been booming ever since. Kevin is also the owner of Kubota Image Tools, Kubota Photo Design, and Red Boot Design.

"Our business mantra is to Empower Photographers, and everything we sell and do is designed around that simple principle. If it won't help you make money, or become a better photographer, we won't offer it."

AsukaBook USA was one of the first companies to offer professional quality coffee table style printed books for photographers. They offer a superior product with a polished look and feel that is very popular with photographer's clients.

AsukaBook products have received the Hot One award in 2005, 2007, and 2008. AsukaBook is proud of these accomplishments and strives to continue to innovate and provide customer service that exceeds all expectations.

Our featured judge for the week is Scott Perry of Think Photographics! "Think Photographics started off as a hobby, we never really thought it would end up where it has. Although we mainly aim to shoot weddings (no pun), we do a lot of portraiture as well. We find all kinds of joy and gratification from seeing people in Love. Our style has developed and become refined and we believe it alone makes us stand out from other photographers in our area."

Please be so kind as to visit our judge and sponsor sites! Its the least we can do in return for their generous prizes!!!

Thanks and good luck to all of our photographers!

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