Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 2 People's Choice Finalist poll!

#1 All you soul-searchin' people c'mon! by Matthew Morgan #2 See of Wonder by Sean Wright
#3 Staying With the Light. by Christopher Mann#4 Sunkissed by Kathryn Mathis

#5 Resting by Jennifer Whisenhunt

#6 Breathe Elizabeth Leighton

#7 Murder Noir by Cheyne Gallarde

#8 Bethany by Braeden Rogers

#9 Taking Back Roads by Jennifer Hogan

#10 Kenneth by Jennifer Hogan

Please choose your favorite image and vote for the Week 2 People's Choice Award Finalist in the poll to the right!

Good luck!


  1. I really like 4,5, and 8, but I think my vote goes to 5. Gorgeous images!

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  3. all natural light..no studio :( I guess I didn't make the cut...good luck to those that did!

  4. number 4 getting that many votes in such a short time (200 in less than 24 hours) thats... strange.