Thursday, April 30, 2009

Judges' Flare Images+ Quick Tips on Getting Lens Flare!

Here are a few images from our judges that fit the FLARE theme well. Enjoy!

Joe Ayala

Beck Photographic

Cheryl Muhr

Cheryl Muhr

By Bella Valentina Photography

Bella Valentina Photography

Michelle Black

Michelle Black

by Melissa Rodwell

*Quick Tips: Getting Good Lens Flare*

1. Experiment with your aperture settings, and shoot into the sun. Try starting from the top and continue stopping down one full step to view differences. (Do this with different lenses and focal lengths also!) Remember - expose for the subject!

2. Cheapie lens attachments can be an awesome way to get some flare. You can find suitable wide attachments for very reasonable prices on ebay. Be sure to get an attachment that will fit the lens you specifically want to use. Lensbaby's new Superwide is a great compliment to the Composer... and both give some nice flare!

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