Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Featuring Joshua Smith of Cinematic Bride + Loktah!

We were thrilled when we acquired award winning wedding videographer Joshua Smith of Cinematic Bride to the FLARE judges' panel. As a videographer, one must take great care to maintain a very skilled eye for lighting and composition, so we knew he would be perfect for the job! You can keep up with what Josh is up to on his blog.

From Josh's blog...

Josh is such a visionary and has also recently developed a company featuring products for media packaging.

From his site...

"Loktah is inspired by the natural beauty of the earth, featuring products that recall the planet’s majestic form.

Loktah's essential element is the organic paper, a renewable source in the foothills of the Himalayas.

This green product rises from the earth to showcase your work to your client. Each product is dipped in bee’s wax to preserve the quality of the paper yet allow the product to age with natural beauty.

Soft twine encircles the product with an organic red stone bead completing the look. Created by hand, each case is slightly unique.

The mystery and beauty of the Himalayan region offers inspiration like no other place on earth."

Please have a look at the loktah site and consider incorporating some of his lovely items into your own business!

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